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Fighting for Aubreigh - Lemon Face Challenge

May 17, 2018

One in a million kids are diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer known as DIPG every year. Right here in Mobile AL, we have a special little girl who is fighting every day to raise awareness for a big problem. Aubreigh Nicholas, 11 years old, isn’t letting DIPG slow her down. She has started a viral Facebook challenge asking people to tough out the sour taste of a lemon to not only raise awareness but also fund her treatments. A fundraising campaign called Aubreigh’s Army was formed to help raise money to fund treatments for DIPG. So far, the campaign has raised more than $48,000.

So here is our challenge to you:

You have to eat a lemon wedge and record yourself reacting to how sour it is. Then you challenge at least one other person to do it. You can find out more on the Aubreigh’s Army Facebook page. And you can donate by searching for Aubreigh’s Army on

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