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Pharmacogenetic testing is cutting edge “personalized medicine” that has been embraced by some of the leading hospitals in the United States including the Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis and Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, to name a few.

DocRx partners withCoast Diagnostics, to add a service that allows physicians to identify the appropriate medications for each patient up front. Through our swabs, we can identify what medications will work for each individual based on their current gene makeup. By doing this, it allows DocRx to help you prescribe the appropriate medications that will put Patient Health 1st.

Key Points of our Pharmacogenetic Tests

  1. Reduce Risk of Adverse Reactions
  2. DocRx offers Drug to Gene and Drug to Drug Analysis
  3. Saves money on preventable Adverse Drug Reactions
  4. DocRx offers personal results with personal outcomes

In recent years pharmacogenetics testing (PGx), has become a routine clinical tool in patient care. Advances in technology have made the testing more accurate, quicker to implement in clinical laboratory settings and less costly. These factors, combined with great strides in our interpretation of genetic data, have led to a revolutionary way in how physicians approach patient care and the effectiveness of medication therapy.

Recent studies have shown that PGx testing can improve clinical outcomes, while simultaneously, decreasing healthcare costs. Reduction in lengthy trial-and-error periods during the selection of a new pharmacotherapy, along with treatment intervention for Adverse Drug Events and serious drug interactions, have not only emerged to improve patient care, but also to reduce costs in the clinic.

How DocRx Makes a Difference

  • Personalized Results

Understanding what medications will work best for you and your genetic makeup with a personalized interactive report

  • Improve Drug Regimens

Discover if current medications are working as safely and effectively as they should

  • Reduce Risks

Reduce risk of harmful drug-to-drug interactions and adverse drug events

  • Faster Response + Remission

Identify what medication and dosage is most effective, reduces recovery time and results in fewer trial-and-errors

  • Monetary Savings

Effective drug therapy + speedy recovery = fewer physician visits and less money spent on medical expenses

DocRx’s pharmacogenetic comprehensive panel identifies a patient’s metabolic profiles to give prescribers more information when choosing drug therapy options for their patients.

One of the most comprehensive panels of pharmacogentic tests available on the market today, it categorizes a patient into one of four metabolizer categories for each genetic pathway and interprets that data in the context of the following specialties:

  • cardiology
  • family practice
  • functional medication
  • gastroenterology
  • geriatrics
  • internal medicine
  • long-term care
  • oncology
  • pain management
  • psychiatry
  • urology
  • women’s health care

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