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What We Do

DocRx is a U.S. based Healthcare Firm dedicated to helping Hospitals, Pharmacies and Physicians treat patients, with their Health being the 1st priority.

DocRx is a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare products and services for hospitals, pharmacies and physicians. Our mission…. ensure patients receive the best possible care, anytime, anywhere!


DocRx’s compliance programs and reports ensure physicians treat patients with appropriate care, while creating safeguards in the complicated adherence process.

Our patient monitoring program and prescription dispensing programs bring a convenience for patients, while allowing for the reporting of controlled prescriptions to the state level and ensure compliance through the controlled vs non controlled writing habits of the physicians.

DocRx offers the most robust support team in the medical field. Our Leadership Team, Sales Team, and Account Management Team all work hand in hand to ensure you have everything you need to offer your patients the best treatment possible.

Our support staff will go the extra mile to help you stay compliant with today’s ever changing healthcare laws. Take a moment and look at the team that will support you when you become a partner with DocRx


Let's Get Started.

Become a DocRx partner today so you can provide quality affordable healthcare, anytime and anywhere, 24/7.

Contact us today to set an appointment with the Territory Manager in your area.

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