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Patient Monitoring

Patient Drug Monitoring

With the growing abuse of prescribed medications and opioid addictions hitting all time highs; It is imperative that you protect your practice as well as your patients from this growing problem.

DocRx, along with our lab partner, Coast Diagnostics, are committed to educating healthcare providers on the requirements by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Health and Human Services (HHS) that all tests ordered must be deemed medically necessary.

We encourage every practice to carefully evaluate each test option in conjunction with the patient’s history, exam, along with the rapid screening device test results when used, to make certain that all testing is appropriate and medically necessary.


DocRx partners with Coast Diagnostics and their state of the art facilities that combines with cutting edge technology with exemplary customer service. Our laboratory is dedicated in helping you use drug screening to decrease liability in your practice and ensure patients are taking their medications and to help you ensure you aren’t treating patients with the intent of drug diversion.

Meet new requirements and guidelines suggesting that urine drug testing should be initiated before prescribing opioids for chronic pain. These requirements also suggest that a drug test be initiated at least annually to asses for prescribed medications as well as other controlled medications and illicit drugs.

> Increase Compliance
> Decrease Liability
> Decrease Overall insurance cost
> Increase your business objectives

Let DocRx help you focus on monitoring your patients and ensure they are taking their medications. Don’t waste time. Contact us about partnering with you and implement our Compliance Program and put Patient Health 1st.

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