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Erika Hunt

Staff Accountant

Erika was born in Jackson, AL. but moved to Fairhope, AL. in 1979 due to Hurricane Frederick. In 2006, she relocated to Mobile, AL. where she currently resides. She has two beautiful daughters, Kaye and Elysecia, as well as an amazing granddaughter, Zoe Lynn.

Erika joined DocRx in April of 2022. She holds a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management. Erika has years of accounting experience in many different industries, including banking, disaster relief, HVAC, and at a local food bank.

Erika is a woman of integrity. Her core value is treating others as she wants to be treated and she believes that kindness goes a long way. She is very passionate about helping those around her succeed. Erika lives by the motto “right is right and wrong is wrong”, therefore she stays clear of the gray areas.

We are proud to have her apart of our team!

Erika Hunt
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