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Point-Of-Care Drug Dispensing

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If you can prescribe it…You can fill it!

Have you ever had to re-prescribe a “new” medication for one of your patients, because their pharmacy did not have the prescription medication you originally prescribed in stock? Wouldn’t it be great if your patients didn’t have to go through that aggravation and could get everything they need from you, the physician, in your office?

Point of Care Pharmaceutical Dispensing

DocRx has the answer. We now offer “pre-sealed”, “pre-labeled” generic medications for everything PRESCRIBED IN A PHYSICIANS OFFICE! If it can be filled at a retail pharmacy, you can dispense it, with in-office point of care medication dispensing.

No longer are you only able to offer a limited amount of prescribed medications. Now your patients will enjoy the convenience of receiving the most commonly prescribed medications for injuries, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, the flu, depression, plus many more……right from your office.

In Office Drug Dispensing – It’s Easy

Dispensing prescription medications in-office has never been easier. Most prescriptions can be filled in just a couple minutes. This actually saves time compared to rewriting prescriptions, fielding calls from local pharmacies, dealing with renewals, and so on. Less time spent on administration means more time with your patients and building your practice. It's like having your own in-office pharmacy.

Point of Care Medication Dispensing Benefits

Not only does in-office dispensing, sometimes called physician dispensing, provide a major benefit to patients – as well as your practice – in terms of convenience, but it’s also a fantastic improvement on the age-old problem of patient prescription compliance. In other words, dispensing at the point of care addresses the issue of patients who don’t get their prescriptions filled. Moreover, it gives patients the opportunity to ask questions about their medications that they might not feel comfortable asking a pharmacist.

This is a problem that prolongs recovery and ultimately increases medical costs. You can help solve this problem by ensuring your patients have the prescriptions medications they need, dispensed by you, the physician, before they leave your office and send them home to recover. This kind of dispensing program has major benefits for patient safety.

From your shelves to their hands……Patients’ HEALTH First!

Why Dispense Medication?

As a doctor, you have a tremendous responsibility. Few other professions impact the lives of an individual more than their primary care physician.

And, at the heart of your practice, there are 4 major steps you must take, with every patient you see:

  1. Examine
  2. Diagnose
  3. Treat
  4. Prescribe

All of these steps are part of your complete and lifelong, dedication to putting patient health first. Well, at DocRx, we would like to add one more step, Fulfill.

You have spent your entire career examining patients, coming up with a diagnosis, creating treatment plans and prescribing the best medication to heal your patients. But, unfortunately, about 30% of the time, all of your work goes for naught. Why? According to a 2008 study conducted by, The Annals of Internal Medicine, roughly 1 in 3 patients, never pick up the prescription drugs that you prescribe. This is a problem that is eliminated when doctors introduce medication dispensing at the point of care.

In 2014 another study, again reported in the, The Annals of Internal Medicine, found similar results when drugs are prescribed as opposed to in-office prescription dispensing.

Out of 15,961 patients in a network of 131 physicians, primary nonadherence was 31.3%. That is over 31,000 prescriptions which were written but not filled.

Although the conclusion of these studies could not find the exact reason for such a high number of prescription drugs going unfulfilled, there were three areas that they felt could help in lowering the number:

  • Lower drug cost
  • Lower prescription co- pays
  • Doctor follow up

We at DocRx understand you, the physician, can not, and should not be, responsible for the high cost of drugs you prescribe or the high prescription co-pays of the insurance companies your patients choose. Nor do you have the time to see new patients and follow up with recent patients to make sure that they picked up their prescription medicines at the same time. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

But, what if you could ensure the drug treatments you prescribe are reliably getting into the hands of your patients – because you and your staff are the ones who put them there? And what if you could do this without incurring any additional costs or hiring additional staff? What if, in fact, providing this valuable service to your patients also provided an additional revenue stream while significantly increasing patient satisfaction, compliance, and safety?

Dispensing with DocRx

Updated May 2019

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