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Dispensing in Urgent Care Centers

Jun 21, 2018

Ease of access is one of the greatest decision makers when it comes to buyers making a choice about a product or service. We are seeing that more than ever in the medical field with booming urgent care centers popping up around the country. It is estimated that approximately two new urgent care centers open in the United States each week. Within these centers, almost half of them have made the move to dispensing pre-packaged pharmaceuticals in office, at the point of care, sometimes called physician dispensing.

On-Site Pharmaceutical Dispensing

This new service is no surprise. Urgent care centers are the leaders in medical accessibility through extended hours, walk-in service, affordability, and neighborhood locations. Pre-packaged prescriptions out the door are just an added benefit of getting sick ones home or one less stop on your way out of town. This no-wait time option has seen positive and negative sides to its service already. Pre-packaged prescription options are valued more by workers comp patients and patients without insurance. This is mainly due to the fact that most centers are only offering cash and carry payment options due to administration costs as well as simplifying the payment process. Hopefully, urgent care centers can keep up with the profitability of on-site medication dispensing or if the addition of another service will be faded out by the lack of insurance coverage.

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